Pain is an all too familiar aspect of our daily lives today. Stress and the lack of regular beneficial physical activity are important reasons for that pain. We’re too focused on all the tasks we need to accomplish each day, rather than thinking about balancing our work load with relaxation and exercise. If we’re still working, many of us spend most our day sitting at desk or standing at a counter. In each case there is little movement throughout a six or eight hour work day. The result over time is pain.


Although we still have limited knowledge of how pain actually develops and is perceived, there are a number of theories. One thing we do know is that when the body’s musculoskeletal structure deviates from its proper alignment, pain results. Also, pain results when we engage in activities that limit movement. People who sit at a desk and perform work that doesn’t allow natural movement of the neck often develop neck pain. In fact, any activity that inhibits movement and results in what’s called a “static load” on muscles can result in misalignment and pain. If the condition persists, muscle spasms are possible.


As we gain more knowledge about pain and its management, we’re developing a better understanding and appreciation for how important massage therapy can be to reducing and managing pain. Massage therapists can help counteract the damage done by activities that limit movement by regularly putting the muscles through their natural range of motion. Frequent visits to a massage therapist can ensure that proper alignment is maintained and muscles are stretched and exercised.