How to Choose a Quality Nail Salon

Did you ever think about how clean and sanitary your nail salon is, or if your nail tech is knowledgeable on just how to keep those nails healthy and looking good?  Here are some thoughts about what you need to know to make the experience the best.


Is the Nail Tech Licensed?

Florida law requires the nail tech to have a current license.

Is the Salon and the Nail Station Clean?

A nail salon sees many clients over the course of a day. A sanitary and safe environment is important to avoid the spread of any bacterial or fungal diseases. The Salon should look inviting and clean when you walk in and you should have a good feeling about it. The nail tech should follow proper sanitary procedures and disinfect all instruments in between clients. She should make sure both her hands and your hands are cleaned prior to service. She should have a clean towel at the station for use if needed.

Did the Nail Tech explain the service to you?

The nail tech should explain to you the service that you will be receiving, if you aren’t already aware of what you’ll be getting. If this is a new service for you, the nail tech should explain to you what you will be receiving and if that’s a good fit for you. If you have any questions, talk to her about them until you are satisfied. She should also tell you what’s included in the price, so there are no surprises later.

Does the Salon Have a Strong Odor?

Some of the nail products used have an odor, and that’s natural, but a strong, overpowering odor in the salon may be an indication that ventilation is insufficient. Odors should not be strong enough to cause discomfort

Does the Nail Tech Use an Electric File?

Electric nail files are commonly used during nail services but shouldn’t cause any discomfort. An experienced nail tech will know how to use the nail file properly and will ask you to tell her immediately if you feel any discomfort.

What Products Are Used in the Salon?

In the past certain chemicals were used in nail products that were not healthy. Great strides have been made over the years in nail chemistry to eliminate unhealthy nail products. You nail tech should be knowledgeable of all nail products, be up to date on nail health and use only the best products. Be sure to ask about the products if you have any questions.

What If You Have a Problem With Your Nails?

The top priority for a quality nail salon and nail tech is your satisfaction. They will be willing to hear any problems you might have and take the time to see to it that they are addressed.


Your experience can be a very safe and thoroughly enjoyable one if you see a nail tech that follows proper sanitary practices, is well informed and takes the time to answer all you concerns and questions.