International Women’s Day – A Day to Reflect


Today is International Women’s Day!


It’s sad that, even though so much progress has been made in this world in so many areas, gender equality has been sorely neglected. The fact is, if women were in more leadership roles, if their values, wisdom, compassion and deep understanding of human nature were relied upon more heavily in decisions that shape the world, the world would be a better place.


The move for gender parity began more than a century ago, when, with the first International Women’s Day in 1911, Suffragettes pushed for equal voting rights. Since then, women have been advocating for equal treatment and opportunity in all aspects of society, in all countries. Much progress has been made but much more needs to be done, mostly in the way of recognizing the overwhelming importance of women’s unique knowledge, perception, awareness and comprehension of how the world works – and should work.


Although this is an industry that is heavily reliant on women, there is more to the relationship than just styling. For us here at Cutting Edge and, I’m sure, in most successful salons, women are integral. From leadership and management, to planning, advice and guest relations, the women who work here are the reason we grow and thrive. They are all very talented, forward thinking and progressive. Many thanks to Rita, Sarah, Becky, Linda and Teresa for making this a great place to come to every day.


This day belongs to all women everywhere. Continue to be tenacious and press for parity.

Press for Progress