Keratin Treatments

Have frizzy, dry or curly hair and wish it was softer, brighter and smoother? Is it getting tougher to comb it out? If so, you might benefit from a keratin treatment.

Hair normally contains keratin, but it’s gradually lost over time, due to age and chemical treatments. Your hair becomes more porous and the increased porosity leads to tangles, frizziness and breakage. Keratin treatments restore the keratin, resulting in healthier hair with less frizz, more shine and hair that is much easier to style.

Since the condition of your hair will be different from nearly everyone else, due to your age, the length of time your hair has been drying, the tone of your hair, how often you have chemical treatments, or whether or not you are blond, the keratin treatment has to be tailored specifically for you. You can opt for either a salon treatment or a store bought treatment. But be careful. Some treatments contain glycol, for instance, and the glycol reacts differently on blond hair than it does on darker hair. Therefore, it’s important that you have a consultation with your hairdresser beforehand. Your hairdresser can talk to you about your specific condition and find a solution that’s best for you. Be careful when using store bought keratin treatments because these “one size fits all” treatments don’t take into effect your specific conditions and may not work out well for you.

The first forty eight hours or so after the keratin treatment is important also. Normally you’re expected to refrain from washing your hair or tying it up. You’ll also need to look closely at the ingredients in the shampoo you are currently using, because some ingredients may counteract the keratin. Shampoos with sulfates should definitely be avoided, as they will shorten the life of the treatment. Again, it’s important to talk to your stylist and get the best after treatment products to use on your hair. Many times the salon will have, or be able to recommend, the shampoos to use. If you take are of your hair afterward, you should be able to go two months or more between treatments.

Do your homework beforehand, be sure to use the best products on your hair during and after your treatment, and you will have healthier, more shiny hair that will be easier to style and take care of.