Massage Therapy – Coming Soon

Whether you want a few moments of relaxation, a release from the tensions of the world, or have a physical ailment, or even a debilitating disease, that needs treatment, massage therapy can enhance your overall emotional state and physical well being. Tremendous benefits can be derived from massage treatments performed by an experienced and licensed Massage Therapist. Benefits are many, from stress reduction, improved circulation, reduced muscle pain to the elimination of toxins built up in the body. Deep tissue massage can improve range of motion, relieve joint pain and reduce chronic pain.

For older individuals, a gentle, very light form of massage with minimal pressure can help considerably. Experienced therapists, very attuned to the clients comfort level, can improve the quality of life for elderly clients.

Athletes and those physically very active can benefit from massage therapy as well. Techniques specific to the athlete’s sport are used to treat overused and stressed muscles. Sports massage can also be used to enhance pre-event preparation and reduce recovery time for maximum performance. Sports massage restores balance, promotes flexibility, reduces fatigue, improves endurance.

Massage Therapy can play a very important part in the general health and emotional well being of all us. From the first day we took over Cutting Edge Hair Studio, we have been considering adding Massage Therapy to the services we could provide to those who live in the area. We have been, daily, moving in that direction, from applying for a license, to preparing a dedicated space for treatments, to forming a relationship with a compassionate, highly qualified, licensed Massage Therapist who wants to make a difference in people’s lives. The room is nearly ready, the licensing process is nearly complete and we think we have found the right Therapist in Julie Adam.

Julie has been serving clients since 2004 and operated a very successful Massage Therapy establishment in a busy 55+ community in Illinois before moving to Florida. Julie is energetic and compassionate. We are very fortunate to have her with us. We have a dedicated room where you can leave the cares of the outside world behind, and just relax. Whether you are a business person with a hectic, stressful life, or retired and just want some pampering, we can relieve the stress and help you to a healthier life.

If you are interested in Massage Therapy, please call us. We can provide you with more information and make sure that you are contacted when we begin services. Just contact us by phone at 352-854-1178 or leave a message on our contact page.