Massage Therapy

A personalized massage therapy experience awaits you!

Cutting Edge Salon massage therapists serve Ocala, Silver Springs, Huntington, Zuber and Fellowship, Florida with wellness services that fit your lifestyle. Continuing education, premier services and superior products are the cornerstone of the Cutting Edge experience.


Mini Massage (30 minutes)      $50

Swedish -Sports-Deep Tissue- Massage (60 minutes)     $85

Swedish Massage Plus (90 minutes)     $110

Hot Stone Massage (60 minutes)     $120

Whether you want a few moments of relaxation, a release from the tensions of the world, or have a physical ailment or debilitating disease that needs treatment, massage therapy can enhance your overall emotional state and physical well being. Tremendous benefits can be derived from massage treatments performed by an experienced and licensed Massage Therapist. Those benefits are many, from stress reduction, improved circulation, reduced muscle pain to the elimination of toxins built up in the body.

Stress is ever-present in our lives today and it doesn’t look like we’re going to eliminate it any time soon. That’s why we're constantly looking for ways to relieve the stress and feel better emotionally and physically. Regular exercise and meditation helps a great deal, but, in many cases, is not enough. Now, medical research is pointing to massage therapy as a great supplement to these programs to reduce stress. Not only do we feel better mentally, massage therapy seems to boost our immune system, helping us fight off colds and flu, and debilitating diseases as well. Doctors and Physical Therapists are beginning to recommend regular sessions of massage therapy to their patients, in addition to exercise and healthy eating, to round out a healthy lifestyle.

Here at Cutting Edge, the Therapy sessions are carried out by a highly qualified, licensed and experienced Massage Therapist, in a private room set aside for that purpose. You will find a thoroughly relaxing atmosphere, with soft lighting and relaxing music. You’ll be able leave the cares of the world behind as you let anxiety and stress slip gently away.


Types of Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage comes in many forms, each one tailored to specific needs and conditions. All sessions are 50 minutes long.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most common form of massage. Its main purpose is to increase circulation by eliminating toxins from the body. This is a full body massage with slow, gentle, flowing strokes. The skin is lubricated with oil and is distributed with light to medium pressure, depending on the client’s wishes. Throughout the session you will be completely draped, except for the area being treated.


Deep Tissue Massage

This form of massage is designed to reach deep into the connective tissue of the body, addressing multiple layers of muscle. Using a variety of techniques, the forearm, elbow, knuckles and thumb are used to deeply penetrate the muscles, loosening them and releasing tension. This is a more intense experience which can alleviate deep seated muscle pain. It is most beneficial when carried out on a regular schedule, so the therapist and client can work together to correct long term problems, relax the body and prevent injury.

Sports Massage

This form of therapy is for active, athletic individuals and is tailored to the athlete’s sport of choice. It addresses muscles that are overused and stressed from repetitive motion, and increases the range of motion and flexibility of muscle - tendon junctions. Sports massage can also be used as a pre – event preparation treatment to reduce recovery time. Light to deep pressure is used depending on the area treated. Anyone participating in regular physical activity will benefit from weekly or bi-weekly massages.


Aromatherapy is an excellent alternative to more traditional forms of massage therapy. If you’re stressed out but not suffering from muscle pain, and really not in the mood for a muscle kneading session, Aromatherapy may be just the thing for you. Essential oils, highly aromatic compounds extracted from plants, are applied to the skin during a massage, and worked in, where they are absorbed into the blood stream and circulated throughout the body. The oil is applied in long sweeps, drawing blood to the surface and warming the skin. The effect is soothing and relaxing, reducing nervousness and encouraging a more restful sleep. You can choose from four different scents.

For simple aches and pains, a blend of clove bud, sweet birch, rosemary, coriander, cypress and marjorum is used. Anxiety release results from a combination of orange, lavender, clary sage, geranium, vetiver and roman chamomile. A more restful sleep can result from the Lavender Garden mix of Lavender, Lavandin, Patchouli, grapefruit and orange. The Mint and Rosemary Aromatherapy blend of Peppermint, Spearmint, Juniper Berry and Patchouli boosts mental energy and clears the respiratory tract. It also has a cooling effect on the body.

What To Expect During a Massage

In order for the Therapist to better understand you, your health and medical history, and provide you with the level of treatment and type of massage best suited to you, you will be asked to complete a Health History form. The Therapist will then review the form with you before beginning treatment. During your talk with the Therapist, she will discuss the reasons for your visit, as well as specific areas that are causing you discomfort. Arriving about 15 minutes early will give you time to unwind a bit and complete the form.

You will then be invited into a quiet, peaceful spa-like room where you can leave the cares of the hustle and bustle world behind. In this tranquil environment is a comfortable massage table dressed with a warming blanket and crisp, clean sheets. Your Therapist will leave the room and allow you time to store your personal belongings, disrobe to your level of comfort and lie on the massage table, under the top sheet.

You will always be covered with the top sheet throughout the treatment, with only the treated area exposed. You can expect a tranquil and comfortable environment during your massage, with thick, soft padding and a heating blanket beneath you, adjusted to provide you with just the right level of comfort. All this will be accompanied by soft, relaxing music.

During the massage your Therapist will ask you to alert her of any discomfort. Please remember, this your massage, and your comfort and wellness is our topmost priority. If you experience anything that interferes with your comfort and positive experience, please let the Therapist know. We want you to be thoroughly satisfied with your visit.

After the session is complete, the Therapist will leave the room and allow you to re-dress.

You should feel fully relaxed and stress free after your treatment. Tension, muscle aches and pains should be diminished or absent and, after a period of quiet reflectiveness, you should experience increased energy, heightened awareness and greater productivity.

To learn more about our Massage Therapy Services, see our Massage Therapy Room, or to make an appointment, please call us at 352-854-1178. You can also leave a message on our contact page and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.