Nail Room Education from Karen: Onycholysis

Some people say it’s spontaneous… but, if you wear Acrylics, maybe not!

Onycholysis is the separation of the nail plate from the nail bed. Depending on the cause, the nail may have thickened skin underneath, or the nail plate may have a deformed shape with pits and indentations or a bent edge.

A local irritation is the most common cause – from excessive filing or chemical overexposure in manicures. It can also come from manicure tools that are pushed beneath the nail. Too much moisture can also cause this problem.

HEMA (a monomer) is an acid used in Acrylic applications. It’s found in the liquid used in conjunction with the polymer powder. Over time it eats at the nail plate, and the damage to cuticles is due to a contact dermatitis reaction. Onycholysis can result.

Polygel is a new and improved product used in the nail industry that that is neither a hard gel nor an acrylic, but combines all the best properties of each. It is monomer-free and safe to use…that means no acid! Ask me about PolyGel…my go to Acrylic!