Personal Care Products

Superior hair and beauty products in the salon -- and at home

Often, our clients ask the experts at Cutting Edge Salon why they can't achieve the same results at home that our stylists are able to achieve in the salon.  The reason is that we use only professional, salon products. These products are not found at other retailers. These professional hair and beauty products are sourced from well-recognized brand manufactures, test and chosen by our experienced stylists – making the results predictable and repeatable.

In addition, the salon-grade products we use are healthier, have gentler cleansers, and are more concentrated with higher quality ingredients. Nearly all beauty products found in drug stores and supermarkets are watered down to the point they are not only useless, but they are also less healthy and produce undesirable results. You may spend more for professional salon products, but the results are superior, and your hair and skin are healthier for it, making the results worth every penny of your beauty care investment.


Hair Care from One Cutting Edge Salon Visit to the Next

The stylists at Cutting Edge Salon take great pride in educating our clients on how to take care of their hair and skin in between regular visits. We understand your hair type – whether it’s fine, thick, curly, straight, dry or oily hair. We know your hair and skin and are able to make recommendations about which beauty brands to use. Cutting Edge stylists understand that if our clients take home the professional products we have tested and personally recommend, they will benefit from healthier hair and skin, and will feel better for it.

Because the professionals at Cutting Edge Salon 200 also are continually educating themselves about new beauty products and services, you will see an exclusively curated line of hair and skin care brands in our retail offering. We encourage you to ask your stylist about the hair and skin products that best fit your needs and daily lifestyle.

We also carry a variety of beauty tools including brushes, blow-dryers, curling irons  and flat irons. Taking home salon-grade beauty products and styling tools will help you achieve professional results with a minimum amount of effort.

As we continually expand and refine our selection of professional products, stop into the Cutting Edge Salon in Ocala to check out our retail offering.