Straightening and Smoothing Treatments

Looking for something that will tame your frizzy hair? If you're tired of struggling with hair that seems out of control and unmanageable, there's help. Depending on how much control you want to gain or how straight you want it, you have 2 choices. You can have it Straightened, or you can have it Smoothed.

If you want ramrod Straight hair, then opt for the traditional Naturia Hair Straightening Treatment. If all you want to do is take the tight curls out and leave your hair more manageable, with loose curls or gently flowing waves, then choose the Chi Enviro Smoothing System.

Both treatments remove frizz and leave your hair silky smooth, shiny and soft - and oh, so easy to take care of. Read on below about both methods and choose the one that best suits your needs.


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Keratin Straightening Treatment

What is a Keratin Treatment?

Keratin is naturally occurring hair protein that can become depleted over time. A Keratin Treatment breaks down the bonds that make your hair overly curly, and re-builds the keratin, making your hair more manageable and easier to style for up to 3 to 5 months, depending on your individual hair properties.

The Naturia Hair Straightening Treatment contains herbal infused water, aloe vera crystals and therapeutic oils. It uses the lowest grade cosmetic preservatives available, giving you stunning, very shiny, healthy looking hair. Application is safe and easy, and there are no artificial colorants or fragrances.


What are the Benefits?

Minimizes or eliminates frizz

Improves hair nutrition

Shiny, soft, straight hair

Therapeutic oils promote hair growth


What's Involved?

After an initial consultation, a few hours in the Salon, depending on hair length and thickness, is all you need. The treatment is applied and heat activated using a blow dryer and straightening iron. You'll need to refrain from shampooing for 3 days to allow the product to be absorbed. No hair ties or clips, either.


Hair Smoothing Treatment

What is a Smoothing Treatment

The smoothing treatment infuses the hair with a unique formula of amino acids and proteins, filling the gaps and ridges of the cuticle. The product is completely safe and formaldehyde free. It relaxes the bonds that give your hair its curl, making it more manageable. Your hair remains smooth, soft and manageable for up to 2 to 3 months, depending on individual properties

The Chi Enviro Smoothing System is a revolutionary safe treatment formulated without any formaldehyde or other harsh chemicals. The hair is infused with a unique blend of amino acids, proteins, cashmere, silk and pearl. The treatment dramatically improves shine and smoothness.


What are the Benefits?

Eliminates 95% of the frizz

Hair is relaxed and more manageable

Hair improves in health with each additional treatment

Instantly adds shine and silkiness


What's Involved?

After your initial consultation, you'll spend a few hours in the Salon, depending on your hair length and thickness. The formula is applied and heat activated. You can leave it with some wave or curl or straighten it. You're then free to go home. After 24 to 48 hours you can return to have special shampoo and conditioner applied or you can do it yourself with special shampoo and conditioner recommended for smoothed hair.