Other Personal Services

We, at Cutting Edge, truly believe that improved health and wellness in body and spirit are necessary for a greater quality in life. If we feel good physically, there is an increased likelihood of feeling good spiritually. Stress is ever present in our lives and any time that we can reduce it is valuable time added to our lives. We all need time to get away, to relax, to loosen up, to meditate, to feel good about ourselves.

Our commitment to providing services that truly improve the level of health and well being of our community, and to all those around us, is one we take seriously.

That commitment to well being is the reason we are improving services every day, and adding services that improve people’s lives. Massage Therapy and Skin Care are two personal services that we feel are important to the health and well being of everyone. We are pleased that we've been able to add Massage Therapy to our range of Services. Please check back often for more information, as we build toward a Full Service Salon.

Massage Therapy

Stress is often felt in the upper body – the neck and shoulders. It leads to chronic discomfort and pain, affecting the heart and blood pressure. Circulatory disorders also result from stress. Relieving muscle tension improves circulation, improves posture and generally relaxes the body.

Massage Therapy is not only good for the young. It can be used with great effectiveness on older individuals, as well as those with debilitating diseases. Patients with Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia and Arthritis also benefit greatly from Massage Therapy. Please check our Massage Therapy page under Personal Services for much more information .

Skin Care

Just as important to your physical, as well as your emotional health, is the care of your skin. Facials, for many individuals, can be a wonderful addition to their skin care routine. Beyond being a relaxing experience, facials, in the hands of skilled aesthetician, should generally improve the health of the individual.

Facials can thoroughly cleanse skin and provide rejuvenation to severely dehydrated skin with rich emollients that help to restore the skin’s natural protective barrier. Facial skin care moisturizers can temporarily smooth out wrinkles. A gentle scrub with exfoliants, a light chemical peel, or peel off mask can leave the skin feeling refreshed.

A good aesthetician will also suggest skin care techniques and products that will help you maintain healthy skin at home.

Please return to this page often for further updates as we expand our services. We hope to provide you with the best, most up to date, beauty and wellness services and products in the industry.