Taking Care Of Your Hair and Skin This Summer

Here’s some tips to help you enjoy the summer.

Don’t Forget Sun Block

This should be a no brainer for everyone. We’ve heard it over and over on the radio, seen it on TV and been warned by our doctors. At the very least, too much exposure to the sun will cause your skin to dry out and wrinkle. Worst case, it causes skin cancer and can lead to melanoma. So, don’t forget to put the sun block on and keep renewing it often. Check the SPF factor on the product and use the one that’s best for your skin type and the kind of exposure you’re likely to have. Exposure of only a few minutes can be taken care of with an SPF of 15, which blocks about 93% of the UV rays striking you. Longer exposures may require an SPF of 30 (97% protection) or higher, and many brands offer SPF with moisture resistance as well.

Don’t put your wet hair up into a Pony Tail

This can lead to some serious problems. Your hair is elastic and it stretches when it’s wet. If you tie it up into a tight pony tail when its wet and it tries to shrink as it dries, you could end up with hair breakage at the very least. It’s even possible for hair that is wrapped up into a bun and tied tightly to develop significant knots. We’ve had clients come in with hair knotted so bad that the only way to remove them was to cut them out. That can be traumatic. Hair should be allowed to dry naturally. If you must tie it up in a pony tail, do so as loosely as possible. Allow it room to move.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated

Not drinking enough leads to dehydration. Not drinking enough during summer months can be dangerous. By the time you are thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Dehydration can lead to heat exhaustion and, if not rectified, may result in heat stroke. Dehydration can also affect hair health. Hair and nails are considered expendable by the body, so when there’s not enough water available, water is shunted away to more important organs. This can result in hair loss.

Don’t go swimming with dry hair

Ever noticed how dry your hair becomes after a swim in a chlorinated pool or in the ocean?  The chlorine and salt draw water out of your unprotected hair. Try putting in a leave in conditioner before a swim. The conditioner forms a protective barrier against the salt and chlorine, preventing your hair from turning to straw. The leave in conditioner also helps blond hair from turning that green color in chlorinated water. We recommend Kenra Daily Provision Leave in Conditioner. Just spray it on damp hair and comb it through.

Don’t forget your eyelids and lips

Your eyelids can get sunburned, too. Applying just a bit of moisturizer with SPF can mean all the difference. Most people know about and use chap stick to prevent lips from drying out, but did you know chap stick also comes with SPF? It’ll protect your lips from UV rays as well as prevent drying and cracking.

Stay safe out there this summer and keep looking great!