Welcome to our new website

Welcome to the new Cutting Edge Hair Studio of Ocala, Florida. The name hasn’t changed and the Salon is still at the same location and still providing superior services from skilled and dedicated hair dressers and nail technicians.

But, we have changed ownership and management.

With that change in ownership will come other changes all to make your experience better and more valuable than ever. Some of those changes are already in progress, while others will be added as we move forward. What won’t change is our focus on our clientele. You are the reason we exist and you are the reason for every success and improvement.

First of all, our social media presence is expanding. We are already on Facebook, as many of you know, and we hope you will like us and follow us. Many of the day to day happenings will appear there. You can follow news about us and our staff, too. Oftentimes special offerings and promotions will appear there first. So, check back often to get up to date information.

We are working with a printer to install new signs, too. The overhead sign on the façade is an old one and doesn’t reflect the “feel” for who we are. The large black, block lettering is quite visible from the highway, but is unattractive.

We are working to add more services for our clientele, with the idea of being the salon to go to for all your needs. In the coming weeks and months more services will be added, including massage therapy, facials and waxing. Massage therapy is an important service we can provide our clients because it relieves tension and stress (so prevalent in our society today) and improves general well being. It is known to improve the condition of individuals with M.S. and arthritis, as well as those with other muscular disorders. A dedicated room is being prepared for massage therapy under the direction of a highly skilled and experienced Massage Therapist.

Facials and skin care services is another important area. Although facials can be a relaxing experience, they should also provide a benefit. Cutting Edge will use our expertise to improve the health of our clients’ skin.

We will also be offering more in retail products, so our clients will be able to enjoy the same excellent products we use in the salon. Many don’t realize how inferior drug store beauty products are, and how they can actually hurt us.

We will also be running promotions throughout the year and offering rewards and loyalty programs as well. You have been loyal to us over the years and we want to return the favor.