What is Hair Gloss and Why You Should Consider Using It

When it comes to coloring your hair, there is a dizzying array of options available. It can get confusing, especially if you’ve never colored your hair before.

Color glosses are used by professional hair stylists to tone, color correct or add shine to hair. If you have virgin hair, that is, hair that’s never been colored, dyed, highlighted or balayaged, hair gloss is a great way to test the waters. Virgin hair is generally pretty healthy and results can be phenomenal. If you’ve had color before, hair gloss will allow you to change and experiment without committing to a permanent hair color. Another advantage to glossing your hair is that it can instantly fix dull, discolored hair. It’s the perfect vehicle for a little boost here, more shine or toning there.

So, what is hair gloss? Hair gloss is a demi permanent color. Demi permanents are a form of non permanent hair color that fade gradually over time – generally over a few weeks. Glosses don’t permeate the hair follicles like permanent hair colors, but coat the outside surface. They can be made with oxidative dyes only or with a combination of oxidative and direct dyes. They’re usually mixed with low volumes of hydrogen peroxide to develop. They can also be mixed with alkali for minimal lift or without ammonia for no lift at all.

Because hair glosses only coat the hair follicles surface, they are gentle on your hair. Their slow fading character is an advantage because there is no harsh contrast with root re-growth. Your hair looks more natural as re-growth progresses.

Hair glosses are important because they help refresh, tone and enhance the look of your colors. Hair remains silky smooth, soft and shiny. They perform the same function as lip gloss –boosting color while adding shine. They are a great way to change your look without all the commitment.

So how do you avail yourself of this incredible service? Since there are a lot of ways a gloss can be used, it’s best to consult with your stylist. She or he can come up with a formula and service that’s tailor made just for you. The gloss goes on dry, processes in for about 20 minutes and is then rinsed out. You’ll want to have your phone ready to take pictures and share them with all your friends.